We design and manufacture
custom assembly lines and machines

More than 50 years of experience
for all your automation needs

We design, manufacture and install custom assembly machinery for hinges and slides used in furniture, doors and windows, assembly lines and machines for automotive components or for the Food&Beverage and Cosmetic Packaging sector.

How we work

From initial sketches up to the launch of a new system, we support customers every step of the way in order to deliver a top-performance assembly machine built to the highest standards of mechanics, reliability, safety and ergonomics.

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Customized assembly machinery

Our machines are fully customized to ensure the highest efficiency and flexibility for our customers, thus optimizing their industrial processes

See our machines in action

The inner workings of a complex production process, in which different elements come together according to an intelligent logic, fueled by constant innovation, is both fascinating and engaging. Watch this video to see a few of our creations at work!

One-of-a-kind solutions built around each customer’s specific requests, always conceived with the same goals in mind: optimize productivity, simplify processes, exploit the technology to its fullest potential

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