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We have created an engaging, open and collaborative work environment for the benefit of our team and our company climate. We believe that enabling our employees to expand their skill-sets and make the most of their abilities is essential to driving our business forward.


We recognize talent, and know how to properly reward it and foster it: further education and training are always encouraged at RCM. Collaboration is at the core of both our internal dynamics and our relationships with customers, which are based on listening and tangible support. This favors an open and productive exchange of ideas and information, which helps in devising the optimal solution.

Speed and confidentiality are key elements for the success of new product launches, something we are often involved in. We support customers with our know-how and guarantee total confidentiality on any information that may be shared with us.


Curiosity and flexibility are a major part of our modus operandi.

We like to experiment with technical innovations and constantly work on making improvements, even where well-established solutions exist. At RCM, progress will always be welcome

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